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testing mai waifu emofuri animation lolwtf 

@dotacouch: i follow official setting. i’m not hating face paint tho. but the man chin beard is a little annoying for me, especially when you draw in black and white colour.

rylaithecm: i won’t do that atm because it is too tiring and i got workshop stuff need to do.

balmashev93: gif version is bad and heavier than WMV file. (also the frame rate drop)


Luffy’s expressions between the point immediately after his fight with Usopp (331) and his first smile, after escaping Lucci’s restraints (346).

"Every time Luffy defeats an antagonist or an enemy, within one or two chapters, whether it is because something entertaining or comical happened, Luffy smiles. There has been only one exception: after his fight with Usopp in Water 7, Luffy did not smile for a long time; in the storyline, he did not smile for a whole day, but in terms of chapters, he did not smile for fifteen chapters.”

(Source: marincolosseo)

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